Nanjing Museum of the Site of the Lijixiang Comfort Stations consists of eight historical buildings dating back to the period of Republic of China (1912-1949). The buildings are two-story masonry and wood structure, collectively known as "Puqing New Village", which were constructed by Kuomingtang major general Yang Chunpu between 1935 and 1937. At the end of 1937, after Japanese troops occupied Nanjing, they transformed the No. 2 Lijixiang into Shinonome Comfort Station and the No. 18 Lijixiang into Kokyono Comfort Station. The No. 19 room, on the upstairs of No. 2 Lijixiang, was the place where Pak Yong-sim, a Korea survivor of "Comfort Women", had been served as the sex slave of Japanese army for three years.

In November 2003, Pak Yong-sim once came to the site and identify the place. This makes the Site of Lijixiang Comfort Station become one of the few sites of comfort station that have been identified by survivors of living "comfort woman". 

In November 2014, Nanjing People's Government launched a project to restore and protect the site of Lijixiang Comfort Station, preparing for the display work. Then it was officially opened to the public in December 2015.