Talks held at:

Multimedia Room, First Floor at Exhibition Hall of Nanjing Massacre

Host by:

Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

Organized by:

Institute of Nanjing Massacre History and International Peace

Research Society of the History of Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

History is the best textbook, also the best sober.

The "Zijin Grass Talks Projects" intiates from March 20, 2018 for the widening of public spreading of history, turning memories into devotion to the country. The project invites academic researchers and scholars who specialize in the study of Nanjing Massacre to give face-to-face talks in public, tacking with historcial and practical problems facing today and sharing ideas about a peaceful future. 

If you have interest in the project and couldn't present on the scene, browse down here and find out about reports and videos of our talks.


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