Programme for Children

The Memorial Hall has specially set up a "Project Team of the Publicity Research and Operation for Teenagers", in which volunteers including in-service and retired history teachers of middle and primary schools, experts and scholars, and historical witnesses have been recruited for the educational construction of historical morality for teenagers. The Project Team intends to provide rich experience courses for different adolescent groups. At the same time, the Memorial Hall also popularizes the history of Nanjing Massacre to teenagers from all over the world, and has established the non-profit organization --- "Zijin Grass International Peace School". By holding expert lectures, survivors' seminars and other forms, we will further help teenagers to develop in-depth understanding and thinking of history.

23 Sep

Introduction to Permanent Educational Projects

1. Project name: “Lights the future with memories” —— Seven ones ceremonial...
12 May

The Memorial Hall Holds a Mother's Day Activity Themed “To My Dear Mother”

​Students from five primary schools including Nanjing Chibi Road Primary School...
17 Nov

100 Families Jointly Build a Peace Flower Garden

2018 Flower of Peace Action Themed "Pray for Peace and Build the Future...
7 Nov

Courses for Program

1. Course for big class Representative program: “Seven ones” ceremonial education...
19 Aug

A Patriotic Education Tour Designed for Children

For children, the Nanjing Massacre that happened 81 years ago is just a strange,...
1 Jun

On Children’s Day, children and Nanjing Massacre survivors drew the symbol  of peace together

On Children's Day this year, the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing...